Willoughby and friends


Duuude!!! Can I have some privacy please!!!

Yeah, I AM Willoughby!


Latte is the name! Catching snowballs is my game!

I am Nilla! Got snow????

Nilla & Latte: WILLOUGHBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Willoughby: Come on guys, there are a lot more trees to pee on!!

Latte: Oh, cool!

Nilla: Hey! This is our yard, no peeing there buddy!


Nilla: Duuude, you have to give me the name

of that conditioner, it sure smells good!!


Latte: Heehaw!!!!!

Nilla: do we have to come in now?
Latte: hey, what is Willoughby doing

sniffing our stuff??


"I'm a poor lonesome cowboy and a long way from home..."